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Congratulations!  You’ve found The Ultimate Freaking Cover Band.  Maybe you’ve been to a show of ours where we’ve rocked your socks off and danced your pants off.  Maybe you picked up one of our awesome promo stickers.  Or maybe you heard about us on Facebook or at a local street fest.  Either way, welcome to the U.F.C. Band’s website!  Where did we get the name The Ultimate Freaking Cover Band?  You’re thinking, “Man, those guys must think pretty damn highly of themselves”, right?  Well with U.F.C. Band, we don’t limit ourselves.  We know everyone’s different.  Our fans are all ages and live all over Chicagoland.  We know that some of you like rock, some like dance, some like metal, some like pop.  We give everyone something they’re dying to hear when you see our show. 


U.F.C. Band will help you loosen up, blow off some steam, and make some friends for the night.  We’re a professional, high-energy, not-so-average cover band that plays popular rock, pop, alternative, metal, dance and classic rock from the 70s til today.  Songs you know and love – by artists like Weezer, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Sublime, ABBA, Flo Rida, Journey, Pink, Led Zeppelin, LMFAO, Van Halen, Kanye West, AC/DC, and more…  We’ll have everyone dancing, drinking, singing along and having a great time all night long.  No gimmicks, no costumes, no B.S.… just straight up partying!  U.F.C. Band was formed with one goal in mind:  Put together a show full of the best songs that people love to party to, and turn the crowd loose!  The party keeps going until someone says last call.  People can’t help but have fun with us.  It’s not our show, it’s YOUR show.  


We can promise you this – we will show you a great time. 

Hey, confidence is sexy!

~ ROCK ~ Jeremy, Melissa, Randy, John and Steve







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